Download Vidmate v2.17

VidMateVidmate is a free downloading application with no limits to how much you can download. Vidmate provides you with many different types of videos and mostly the popular, viral and trending videos can be easily found on vidmate. The application comes with many features like a reliable download manager, trending and updated videos every day, streaming online and downloading in HD resolution and downloading videos from the different popular site where you usually find yourself helpless when you want to download videos from there. Vidmate is easy to use and user-friendly you get a well organized limitless collection of videos from all over the internet within one application. The simple UI and organized sections of videos make the app user-friendly and can be used by a person if any age without getting confused how to use it.

Vidmate is not just a video downloader that can be used only for downloading videos from different sites but on Vidmate, you get some popular applications and games that you can download. Vidmate has a smooth and fast download manager which gives good speed when downloading things from Vidmate while it also manages all the downloaded files it can also run more than one download at a time. Vidmate provides you with search bar within which you can also see the hot keywords that are most recently used by many users so you know what’s trending around the internet. The application is small in size and still works like a strong downloading app while it also lets you share media files to another VidmateĀ user nearby and this file sharing feature is also free and limitless.

Download Vidmate v2.17 for Android

  • Open this exact webpage on your phone.
  • Download Vidmate.
  • Find the downloaded file using the file manager on your phone.
  • Install the app on your android smartphone.
  • Start Vidmate.