Download Showbox v5.58

ShowBoxShowbox is a small-sized and free application for checking movie reviews. This application has a library that includes all the movies from old to new different genres that are reviewed with its overall performance in cinemas and how much they were liked by the audience. It has latest and trending popular, available in theaters, and even upcoming movies that haven’t released yet. Showbox has movies with ratings of them given by Rotten tomato, Metacritic, IMDb, and the movie which are well known for their critics and reviews. All the information provided by this app about movies comes from the reliable source of the cinematic world. The actors and stars working in a movie are displayed in the cast of the movie with their pictures and name and role in move ie. Other than the cast, the crew of all the movies in the library of this application is also provided with the picture and name of each person.

The content of Showbox is shown with good visual effects and all the colorful images of movie poster and actors. Showbox is reliable for its information and the data is updated regularly with new trailers and movie teasers that come along before any releasing movie. The app is simple and smooth with easy to use interface having limited sections and basic options. The image quality of posters etc in the app can be changed in the settings. Users can access the application and its features without creating an account on it or making any purchase. Movies can also be found on the app with its search bar that allows finding any movie in the whole collection with just one tap.

Download Showbox v5.58 for Android

  • Open a browser on your smartphone and visit this website.
  • Download Showbox.
  • Wait for the app to finish downloading.
  • Locate the downloaded apk file and install it on your device.
  • Run Showbox.