Download 9Apps v1.9.5


Do you ever wish to get your favourite application for free on your Android devices? If yes then now your wish is about to become true with the help of 9Apps. It is one of the best marketplaces where you will find tons of applications, games and other items that you can easily download for free on your favourite devices. It is originally created in China by a group named as Alibaba and all of the services provided by this Marketplace are completely free of charges and you do not have to spend any of your money while downloading this application. It contains all the popular category of application like social media apps, video apps, communication apps and many others. In this app store you will find different categories in which you can further find different applications that also provide you different details about the application like their ratings, descriptions and reviews with which you can judge the apps before downloading them so if you want to get the best applications for your device then this is the best place to visit.

9Apps also features top 10 Android Apps where you will find the most trending applications from all over the internet. It does not have any type of risk regarding the security of these applications as they are scanned while downloading by this app automatically so you do not have any complaint about the security issues with the app downloaded by this apps store. It offers you a function through which you can easily apply the filters before downloading your favourite applications. 

Method to Get 9Apps into your Android smartphones 

  • First of all, pick up your Android smartphone and enable the internet connection. 
  • Then use your favourite web browser to Download 9Apps into your Android device. 
  • Once it is downloaded install it carefully by giving all type of permissions to this app. 
  • Now enjoy the best App Store ever created for getting tons of free apps from different categories.