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Dear Indie Royale customer,

First off, we'd like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your interest and passion in the first two Indie Royale bundles. When we first launched the service, we had no idea that we'd sell almost 70,000 bundles and over 350,000 games in under one month! And that's down to you, the independent games fan who loves trying out some of the emerging games we've handpicked for each bundle.

In fact, the only issue we've had so far is that we've been much _more_ successful than we ever anticipated, and that's led to some technical problems. We had load-related issues with redeeming Steam keys at the start of the first bundle, and a small amount of downtime at the start of the second bundle as 'the entire Internet' swarmed the site - 25,000 requests per second, ouch! We're working hard on expanding our infrastructure to deal with the massive demand.

So in order to minimize disruption in the future - and provide more options for you, the Indie Royale customer, we're making the following changes:

  • We'll be removing a strict schedule of one Indie Royale bundle every two weeks. You can still sign up or follow us to find out when the bundle goes live. And we won't be changing our general concept and list of upcoming bundles. But we're continuing to target the near-term for the next Really Big Bundle, which will now launch next week [UPDATE: on Tuesday, Nov. 29th!] after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.
  • We now realize (and our smouldering servers agree!) that there are a lot of people who are waiting when the next Indie Royale bundle launches. In many cases, you may be reloading patiently to buy it almost no matter what, since it's such good value for money. So we're now opening pre-orders for the next Indie Royale bundle, at a recommended contribution of USD $5 but a minimum price of USD $3.99 (current and future Indie Royale bundles will launch at an initial live minimum of $2.99.)
  • Why do pre-orders? We know that you're all busy people, and you may actually not be on the Internet (?!) the second it launches. So it's a simple way to guarantee you get the Bundle, albeit sight unseen. This means that you won't know what games are in the bundle until it launches. But you are guaranteed to get the bundle at a low minimum price, and you will be supporting hand-picked, high quality independent games along the way.
Indie Royale

(We guarantee at least four different games for each bundle, all of them playable on Windows PC in some form. Additional games and formats may - or may not - be supported! And of course, you can just wait for your email/Tweet/Facebook message that the Bundle has gone live and go pick it up then, if you're signed up with us.)

As for what's coming up soon, we had over 100 top indie developers contact us wanting to get onto upcoming Bundles, and we've been working hard to evaluate and schedule some of the top titles out there for possible inclusion. We're excited about the diverse and superplayable array of titles on the next Really Big Bundle, in the short-term! (Incidentally, 'Really Big' in its title is a reference to one of the included games and, in part, the scope/genre of the others, rather than it being a massive 1000-in-1 pack!)

We're planning select, more tightly themed & developer-specific bundles in the future in addition to cross-genre bundle packs, which we're also super jazzed about. We're also working on including more Mac and Linux titles in bundles where we can, since we know that's important to many of you. And we'd like to hear from you on what you'd like to see for the future - please contact us at any time and we'll check out your suggestions.

Scott, Mike and Simon
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