Dino Run SE by pixeljam

Strap on those raptor feet, grab your hat and get ready to out run doom in racing game Dino Run SE! Based off a pixelated prehistoric world, escape the inevitable doom wave of extinction by controlling a speedy raptor across tar pits, crumbling hillsides and meteorite showers while gobbling up anything that gets in the way.

This pixel-heavy indie classic is presented in a Special Edition, enhancing the Flash original. Dino Run SE includes all the raptor running fun you had in the original along with plenty of exclusive new features and improvements including a smoother and faster gameplay experience and a fancy fullscreen mode, and multiplayer servers exclusive to SE players only. Dino Run SE is also jam packed with all sorts of new goodies, including:
• New Speedruns
• New Multiplayer Maps
• New game mode "Planet D": a collection of weird and challenging levels
• LOTS of new HATS and COLORS to personalize your dino